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Quarterly Newsletter | Summer 2023

HSMAI San Diego
July 22, 2023

A Message from our President, Heather Boye

Summertime Shenanigans

Greetings once again to all the wonderful individuals in our Hospitality community! You might be feeling a bit weary after the bustling activities in our city, but whether your face shows the glow of excitement or the signs of fatigue, I can hardly believe that another quarter has zipped by, and we are already transitioning into the Fall season. Personally, I am eagerly anticipating it!
For us, Fall means planning season!  Our Board of Directors is actively engaged in charting the course for the future by working on some great upcoming events and keeping an eye out for new faces to add to our board. If you have a desire to play a more active role in HSMAI San Diego and believe you possess fantastic ideas and skills to share with our community, we encourage you to connect with us at info@hsmaisd.com. We are seeking fresh perspectives who can contribute to shaping our programs and events, fostering relationships with students and the community, spearheading fundraising, and sponsorships, and ensuring a promising outlook for the year 2024 and beyond.
Should you have any inquiries about the opportunities and responsibilities of being a board member or how your unique talents can be utilized for the betterment of our industry, please don't hesitate to reach out as well.
Thank you, everyone! I am looking forward to meeting all of you very soon!
Please be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook to keep up on upcoming events and highlights

Heather Boye

President, San Diego Chapter
Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International



HSMAI Adrian Awards: New For 2023

In the spirit of WanderLOVE, we invite you to enter the work that kindled the love of travel and inspired the world to get out and create memories.

Deadline for entries: September 8, 2023

New Ways to Win:

We've updated the competition to provide more opportunities to get the recognition your great work deserves.

For more info, visit >>

HSMAI Sales Leader Forum

November 8, 2023

Long Beach, CA, USA

The HSMAI Sales Leader Forum advances the hotel sales discipline by elevating the knowledge and skills of off-property sales leaders when it comes to important trends, critical insights, and best practices…and what it means for leading hotel sales teams in today's landscape.

You'll leave with practical information, insights, and strategies to help you sharpen your action plan and challenging ideas to guide your strategies - all aimed at fueling sales.

For more information or to register, visit >>



Trend Watchers Say Business Travel, Events a Must for Companies

Trend watchers believe that business travel and events are essential for companies. Despite advancements in technology, in-person engagements remain crucial for fostering meaningful business relationships.


HSMAI Adrian Awards Best Practices: Visit Seattle Rain Booth

The 2023 Adrian Awards are now open! Take some inspiration from one of last year’s honorees –Visit Seattle.


HSMAI ROC Insight: The Economic Outlook

HSMAI Americas ROC 2023 speaker Aran Ryan shared Tourism Economics’ latest views on the economic issues impacting travel, the mindset of travelers, and expectations for how the industry will perform in the coming months and into 2024.


HSMAI’s Hotel Essentials Series

HSMAI certifications are important because the more you know — and the more you can demonstrate what you know — the better ROI you can provide to your company, the more you can improve its bottom line, and help your career.




New Members

Erica Benford-Riley  | Paradise Point

Amelie Canfield CRME | Noble House

Emma Capper  | Knowland

Melody Corvalan  | Belmont Park

Linda Ding  | KSL Resorts

Patrick Lannon  | Duetto

Jeff McHugh  | MEDALLIA

Coleen Reardon  | KSL/Silverado Resort

Kate Skidmore  | Adara - A RateGain Company

Stephanie Villagomez  | Pacific Hospitality Group

Renewed Members

Kari Ambrosius CHDM | JC Resort

Cory Falter  | Lure Agency

Jesslyn Gillespie CRME | Autocamp

Aron Gunver  | Wayfarer San Diego-Pacifica Hotels/The

Evan Holmes  | Amadeus

Nick Horgan  | Amaze Insights

Nancy Johns CHDM | Crescent Hotel Group

Kimberly Johnston  | Amadeus

Todd Little  | Discover Coronado

Natalia Neminov  | JC Resorts

Kelsey Prince CHDM | Pacific Hospitality Group

Danielle Rossetto  | Discover Coronado

Jacqulyn Street  | Evolution Hospitality

Gillian Ware CMP | San Diego Tourism Authority



Fueling Sales

HSMAI Insight: 16 Tips for Preventing Burnout: Keep You and Your Team Happy

Burnout is most common among high achievers and is often related to being short-staffed and high turnover, both prevalent in the current climate. Over the last year, burnout has been a recurring topic for the Rising Sales Leader Council as we’ve brainstormed ways to prevent burnout in ourselves and our teams.

Inspiring Marketing

HSMAI Insight: Schema For Search Engines: The Key

Holly Zoba, Principal, Scout Simply, provides insight into how schema is the key to describing a hotel for search engines: excerpted from HSMAI’s Hotel Digital Marketing Essentials + self-paced course.

Optimized Revenue

Six Revenue Management Trends to Watch

2023 will be another year of increased tech adoption, as hotels continue to look for ways to drive efficiency, boost profitability and adapt to the challenges of the year ahead.


HSMAI Member Benefits

In order to keep your business bustling, you need to form the right partnerships. You need to develop the right contacts to gain an edge. You need to walk away from an industry meeting with truly fresh ideas. You need to meet people who will enhance your business and your career. You need HSMAI.  HSMAI provides the resources, knowledge and networks you need to make a critical connection with your customers.

Additional Member Resources

Membership in HSMAI brings access to tools and insights, industry discipline-specific education and a competitive edge. Among the tools that will keep you connected:

  • Interview Prep Resources:  These insights and interview prep questions will help you see how your current skills can fit into a new role in hospitality.
  • Scholarships and Grants:  The HSMAI Foundation supports industry professionals and students through a series of grant and scholarship programs.
  • Recommended Reading:  Leaders in Hospitality Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management are sharing their favorite industry books, periodicals and blogs.
  • HSMAI Academy - Explore our webinars, publications and online learning in your HSMAI Academy


Gathering knowledge is an ongoing process, and it is necessary for success.  Further your knowledge of the industry with these HSMAI member tools:


You need to know the right people and HSMAI is your connection to the industry. Meet with industry insiders through these networking opportunities:

  • Local Chapter Networking Events
  • Peer Network:  Local, national and international contacts