gold key

Annual Gold Key Awards presentation and dinner, co-sponsored by the San Diego County Lodging Association and the HSMAI San Diego Chapter, honors exceptional individuals within the San Diego Hospitality community in the following categories.

The James V. Cunningham Personalized Service Award

Congratulations to Beatriz Krause, Guest Services Manager, The Westgate Hotel

Throughout the pandemic, Beatriz Krause’s passion for guest service shined a little brighter than most. We had guests that were unwell and Bea made sure that thee guests felt comfortable and at home when they were staying with us; dropping off food, magazines, even toiletries and other necessities. She created a personalized care package for our guests to ensure that they were home away from home and that they were able to call and message her at any hour of the day.

One of our guests who tested positive for Covid and had to quarantine for 10 says on August 2021 wrote about her and said, “There wasn’t a day that I didn’t hear from her, she was so thoughtful in sending me reading materials; books, magazines and those delicious chocolates that you have. To be completely honest, I am in awe of her dedication and consistency to making sure that I was okay.” “You can’t train a person to extend care and kindness that Beatriz extended me. That comes from within. That comes from genuine concern and empathy. The Westgate is lucky to have Beatriz, I was lucky to have her. ”

The attention and care she consistently shows our guests are truly inspiring and remarkable, our guests makes sure that she is recognized for the warm and welcoming feeling they have experienced with Bea. Her personalized service sets her apart. Not only does she constantly take care of guests but she does it with genuine thoughtfulness and empathy. We’ve all had that guest with unique needs, sometimes even challenging ones, but Bea executes with high level of standard and service, above and beyond to take really good care of our guests, no matter what, no questions asked. Whether they are in distress and require assistance, celebrating a special occasion or in need of more TLC to recover service, Bea’s passion for service throughout her 12 years with the Westgate Hotel, is why our guests continuously return to stay at the Westgate Hotel.

Revenue Management Professional of the Year Award

Congratulations to Chelsey Ong, Director of Revenue, Noble House Hotels & Resorts

Chelsey has shown a rapid acceleration in Revenue Management. In her first stint as Director she has had to manage through cancellations, lockdowns, rapid accelerations, and an unprecedented rate climate. She does this through a commitment to data analysis and a strong relationship with the operations team at the hotel.